[GIST] Man ends relationship after his car crashed
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[GIST] Man ends relationship after his car crashed



A young man has taken to microblogging platform, Twitter to share the circumstances that led to him ending his relationship with his girlfriend.

He revealed that his car got into an accident, so he had to pay for another car temporarily, while trying to fix the damaged one.

The guy known as @ArtificialSteez on Twitter, said that the insurance company was not going to pay for the repairs because he wasn't the one driving the car when the crash occurred.

However, his girlfriend asked him for money for her hair the very next day, but he could not provide it, so she got angry. He decided to break up because of her insensitive action as he had earlier complained to her that he was stressed as a result of sourcing money to fix the vehicle.

He wrote, "My car was in an accident, and I had to pay for a temporary car then told her I'm stressed about money to fix the car since insurance won't pay cuz my friend was driving it. She asked me for hair money a day later and was upset I couldn't do itπŸ’€πŸ’€"

A tweep @FavourIsMyName7 asked; Which insurance is that, that doesn't pay cause someone else was driving the car?πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

@ArtificialSteez responded; Mi-Way , he was driving the car n I wasn't in the car or at the accident

But @FavourIsMyName7 added; That's so weird, why would Miway refuse to pay? I mean they pay even if someone is not licensed, unless he was drunk and lied?

He explained; I was the registered driver n it wasn't the open plan where they cover other drivers but myself. This is what the assessor told n confirmed with me at the time.


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