[GIST] Portable acctacks Shallipopi Of Using Streaming Farm To Top Charts [Video]
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[GIST] Portable acctacks Shallipopi Of Using Streaming Farm To Top Charts [Video]


Controversial Nigerian artiste Portable has accused fast-rising artiste Crown Uzama, also known as Shallipopi, of cheating his way to the top of music charts and using streaming farms to boost his song's popularity.

The drama began when Shallipopi, who recently served time in prison for internet fraud, released a song titled 'Ex-Convict'.

To Portable's surprise, the track quickly reached the number 2 spot on Apple Music Nigeria. The achievement angered Portable, leading him to make damning accusations against Shallipopi.

In a video rant, Portable compared his own release, 'Am Not A Prisoner', which did not top the charts despite his own prison experience.

He expressed disbelief that Shallipopi's song climbed the charts so rapidly and accused him of using money to manipulate the streaming numbers.

Portable also criticized Shallipopi's singing abilities and claimed that he lacks talent.

The street-hop artiste went further to suggest that Shallipopi is relatively unknown in the music industry and even offered him a record deal at Zeh Nation, stating that they could teach him how to sing.

Portable referred to Shallipopi and others as 'thieves' who use money to buy streams and falsely inflate their popularity.

"Who is topping charts now? Number 1-5. You that was just released. How many songs did you sing?

"How many people know your face? You that was just released is topping charts. What about me that was arrested but didn't collect uniform (prison uniform)? The song I sang didn't top the chart. You have used money to block it.

"Shallipopi or what are you called? You are topping charts. You are all thieves. You all use money to buy streams.

"Don't let them lie to you.

"It is now that you, Shallipopi, will be known because I've called your name. You are not known.

"I'm doing free promotion for you. Your face is not known. Your voice is bad; you don't know how to sing.

"Come to Zeh nation, let us teach you how to sing. Farmer boys. What are you singing? Yet your song is topping charts. You cannot sing call and response," Portable said.


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