[GIST] Nawa oh! Young boy spotted lodging with underage girl in hotel
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[GIST] Nawa oh! Young boy spotted lodging with underage girl in hotel


Young boy spotted lodging with underage girl in hotel, netizens fume (Video)

A video of a young Nigerian boy entering a hotel accompanied by an underaged girl has ignited a storm of controversy on social media platforms.

The clip, which quickly went viral after being shared by a TikToker, has raised concerns about the access of underage individuals to hotel facilities.

As a result, many netizens are calling for stricter measures to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

The video, lasting 49 seconds, shows the girl's face concealed with an emoji to protect her identity.

The boy and the girl were captured interacting with the hotel's receptionist before proceeding to the rooms. At one point, the boy was seen placing his hand around the girl's neck, which further fueled the outrage among viewers.

The public reaction to the video has been one of anger and frustration, with social media users expressing their disappointment in the hotel management for allowing young guests to enter without proper verification.

In response to the incident, several netizens have suggested the implementation of a National Identification Number (NIN) requirement for hotel guests as a means to verify their age and prevent underage individuals from entering.

Netizens Reactions...

@Omo Ope said; "Why covering her face, let people see her face before things get worse, because na this type girls dem they quick use, na control dem dey control dem."

@Eat Exercise & Sleep lifestyle said; "That's why national identification card should come handy here to verify her age."

@ASAP RUCKY said; "But this is not good The first time I take a 20yrs old girl to hotel when I'm 25yrs I'm even scared talkless of this underage."

@Chiemelam said; "Me that don't use to mind my business, I'll have a case with the receptionist, the guy and then the girl's parents or guardians

@Oluwaseyifunmi said; "Those days you'll be questions for your whereabouts but now 90% don't care. "Abeg make una leave Precious o."

@Peter de Rock345 said; "Omo see mmesoma... "Women leader daughter for my church o."

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