[GIST] 10 Tips To Grow Ur Music Career As An Artist
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[GIST] 10 Tips To Grow Ur Music Career As An Artist


1st: Set up all your social Media platforms!
Without these u can't build fan base

2nd: Avoid comparison and learn from both far better upcoming artist and major Artist, Ensure you're lyrically and vocally confirmed.

3rd: Know that music is not a one man business! You can't do it alone, Never!!
Get a PR and a manager to ur aide.

4th: Before choosing a manager ensure they love You 100% with full support else they'll extort money from you but If they love you, you gain from them!

5th: Never beg a record Label if you see on convince them with ur Content. If they don't feel impressed Leave them!!

6th: Never use a free beat for official singles, pls any song can blow you, don't use free beats as an upcoming Artist!!

7th: As an artist have a musical team!
Either u play instruments yourself or you have people who plays instruments for you.

8th: Pls always Send your songs to your Your PR or manager before releasing it!
Because 1 bad attempt spoils every other in music!

9th: Entertainment industry is all about networking, you network yourself to stardom ❤️
Connect yourself with Right people and make right moves ✌️

10th: Never neglect your fellow hustling Artist.. Success can approach him by midnight not by Talent but grace and favour!

Forget the fact that Portable is a nuisance
He made a right choice signing an artist Olamzzy!...Portable is a low key giver ❤️

Music industry is like the streets!!
U can steal any bodies style or vibe and add to yours Just ensure you blow first..
No cap

Starboy Terri has reached the peak of his career and can't make it greater!
This is an influence of bad Management

As an artist?
Do you know that a label spends over N200M on an artist that may not even blow?
Yet you wish to blow with 2k Promotion only? Omo!💔💔😒

Do you know??
Olamide wanted to sign Omah lay to YBNL family but Omah lay turned him down?

His song was sent to Olamide to listen and having listened to it just as Asake having listened, Olamide offered a record deal to Omah lay but Omah lay said he has already being signed to Keykaad Record label??

Moral lesson!

Make a good song and send to major stars they can help you ❤️

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