Nigeria’s Afro-hop Artiste Shine Warms up on New Single
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Nigeria’s Afro-hop Artiste Shine Warms up on New Single

Shine Ushie is a versatile artiste who strives to make admirable efforts towards striking the right notes for music lovers home and abroad With stage name shine, the singer launched into music in 2017. 

While conceding to his romance with Afro Swing, and Hip-hop, Shine has dropped one single titled "Wajo" and is working to release his next single "Boys in blue" laying emphasis on his feeling of disdain towards

incompetent police officers, bad governance in the way he knows best which would be available on the 24th of September on streaming platforms. 

He describes his passion for music as "Music is the only thing that keeps me sane, fills me with clarity, he’s an independent artist who does work alongside TWC "which is like family to me,” he chips in.

Just like a few other fast-rising singers, Shine expresses himself in his own way through his sound. Shine is also 18 years of age which means he has relatively a significant amount of time to grow as an artist.

Although Shine was born in Ota area of Ogun State, he hails from Obudu, Cross-river State. Some of his major inspirations are Burna boy, Ajebutter22 and mr Eazi

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