Friday, October 1st, 2021, will be a holiday in Nigeria. It is Independence Day. As Africa's most populous country and its largest economy, Nigeria has many reasons to celebrate this holiday. 

On Friday, October 1st, 1960, Nigeria became an independent nation from British rule after years of negotiations. The holiday honors all Nigerians who fought for emancipation and sacrificed their lives to end colonial rule over the Nigerian people.
Nigerians are gearing up for a holiday every year with big parties, concerts, and days of celebration.
Celebration of Nigerian Independence Day

Cities and towns across Nigeria hold parades to mark the holiday.

Lagos holds a procession along Marina as well as on some streets such as Broad Street, Ikorodu Road, and Oba Akinjobi street in Ikeja. The Lagos event also has floated from various cultural groups around the country.
Parades also take place in other cities such as Kano, Katsina, and Zaria. In the northern city of Maiduguri, a large festival is held with an independent market fair providing entertainment to holiday goers.
The holiday is also a time for family get-togethers and socialization.
Hotels, resorts, and holiday spots are booked up as the holiday draws near.
This year's Independence Day celebrations will include an address by President Muhammadu Buhari.

How to celebrate Nigerian Independence Day 2021
Celebrate a holiday weekend.
Attend parades and fairs in your city or town to celebrate the holiday with other Nigerians.
In Abuja, attend President Buhari's address at Eagle Square as well as watch fireworks over Aso Rock after dark. In Lagos, attend the independence day parade.
Visit holiday markets and fairs to celebrate with other

Watch fireworks displays over waterways or in parks, or watch them on TV if you can't be out celebrating. 
Join street parties for live entertainment and fun! 
Wear traditional clothing if it's your style.

Other holiday activities include visiting the cinema to watch new movies, playing games like dominoes and cards with family members or friends."
Many Nigerians also celebrate by wearing the green and white colors of Nigeria's flag. The holiday is a time for national unity among all Nigerian people.
You can also celebrate this special day with family and friends by making plans to attend holiday events, parties,s or other celebrations taking place in your area.
There are also parades, holiday markets and fairs going on all over Nigeria during the holiday weekend. Parades typically include lots of dancing along with flags representing different states from around Africa.